Background Turkey

Over the last years, Turkey’s solid waste management has developed an increasing dynamic. Long-time waste sector cooperation between Turkey and the EU as well as negotiations on the country’s EU accession have led to a continuous harmonisation of Turkey’s legal waste management framework with EU law as well as to a gradual modernisation of waste infrastructure. This progress is visible throughout Turkey’s waste management system.

Regarding waste collection, an increasing number of initiatives promote the introduction of a system for separate waste collection. Thereby, Turkey paves the way towards a sustainable circular economy in which waste is acknowledged as a valuable resource. Turkey has formulated ambitious recycling goals for the year 2020 and can rely on effective actors such as ÇEVKO to significantly contribute to further development of the country’s recycling industry. The recycling of packaging material, for instance, is already well institutionalised and can serve as an orientation for other waste streams.

With respect to waste treatment and disposal, Turkey is increasingly bridging the gap between environmental protection and the exploitation of the waste sector’s economic potential. Since 2013, for instance, Turkey has engaged in waste-to-energy projects, thereby seizing the opportunity to deal not only with high waste levels but also with the country’s increasing energy demand. The modernisation of the landfill management system is also contributing significantly to a more environmentally friendly waste management.

The mobilisation of sufficient financial resources is considered the main precondition for continued modernisation of Turkey’s waste sector and will also strengthen the main stakeholders’ engagement with waste management issues. Here, Turkey can increasingly rely on a prospering private sector and successful research and development cooperation.


Country report

As part of the project, a detailed analysis of Turkey’s waste management sector is conducted. The report gives an overview of the current situation of the waste management sector, identifies development potentials and provides suggestions on further developments of the sector. The country report has the following structure and provides information in the following areas:

  • Country background information
  • Environmental law and policy
  • Waste generation and treatment
  • Financing of waste management
  • The role of the private sector in waste management
  • Know-how and technology transfer

The country study can be accessed here.

The results of the study will also be summarized in a short input paper that is to be discussed during the country workshop. This input paper will be available soon.


Country workshop

The workshop, which was planned as part of the Turkish-German Waste Day (TAKAG), could not be carried out within the project duration, in particular due to organizational reasons.


News & Events

In this section of the website you will find information on upcoming events related to the waste management in Turkey as well as general news on the topic. The news and events site is no longer updated!