„Identification and Transfer of Waste Management Concepts, Services and Products in the EU- Accession / Candidate countries as well as emerging and developing countries with scientific support“

Germany has pledged to support partner countries in the development of advanced waste management systems. As part of these the efforts, the German Environment Agency (UBA) has funded the project “Identification and transfer of waste management concepts, services and products” that was implemented between March 2015 and May 2018.


Project Status


Project background and goals

Economic growth and increasing consumption rates in emerging economies and young EU member states do often encounter certain development lags in the waste management systems of these countries. The systems Germany and other EU members have established show that efficient waste management has many benefits and facilitates the decoupling of economic growth from resource consumption.

An efficient waste management does not only contribute to economic growth but also generates a higher quality of life, especially in metropolitan areas and shows a high potential for global climate change mitigation as well as resource efficiency.

The project aims at supporting the four project countries Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey and Iran in further advancing their waste management sectors. For each country, appropriate development potentials will be identified considering the following areas:

  • Policy development
  • Technology transfer
  • Financing mechanisms
  • Awareness and education

Proposals for interventions will be developed in country studies that take into account each country’s specific waste sector conditions. The transfer of waste management concepts, services and products must match the individual country’s background and contribute to tailor-made progress in the national waste management sectors. Results will be discussed with national waste management stakeholders in country workshops. Towards the end of the project a closing conference will be held in Germany where the results and experiences from all countries will be shared to facilitate learning between the countries.


Project structure

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